Test of Cylinders

Our company was authorized by the Ministry of Science and Technology for pressure vessels testing on 09.10.2012. Since this date, the test, maintenance and painting process of all the cylinders by our side have been carried out by us, and the safety of life and property of our customers, which is our priority, has always been protected.

is that come to our company for test purposes are delivered with their reports by carefully testing-maintenance and painting.

Testing and maintenance procedures vary according to the type of gas and the place of use. If we want to use a general expression, these processes are carried out in an average of ten years. Respiratory gases, toxic gases and corrosive gases are excluded from this process. For example, breathable Medical Oxygen s are one of the main items of the health sector and these s are used extensively, especially by lung patients. A period of five years is determined for these gases to reach the patient in a clean and healthy manner. In fact, these s must be examined visually every two and a half years.

Cylinder tests are taken into testing and maintenance process to observe the physical and chemical changes of the cylinderss, and the necessary actions are taken and recorded. It is necessary for the cylinderss to be dried very well in the infused water after the test procedures. Cylinderss that are put into operation without drying in this way are scrapped in a very short time due to internal corrosion. Cylinders tests are not performed on cylinders before 1980.

Our company carries out the testing and maintenance operations of the Pi branded cylinderss, which started in 2005 as a result of the mutual meeting with TÜV-SÜD on 02.06.2014 and the necessary inspections in our company's Esenyurt facilities, under the certificate and supervision of TÜV-SÜD. And it organizes test reports.