Pure Ammonia

Pure ammonia is commonly known as liquid- anyhdrous ammonia. Ammonia gas is a colorless gas with a pungent odour.

Liquid ammonia is compressed and/or liquefied ammonia gas. Ammonia gas liquefies at normal atmospheric pressure and below -33 C, and when the pressure is removed, the liquid returns to the gas phase. This feature allows the gas to be stored and transported as a liquid under pressure.

Ammonia forms explosive compounds when in contact with substances such as silver, mercury, chlorine, iodine, bromine calcium and hypochlorites. Liquid Ammonia does not corrode steel and iron; however, it reacts with copper-based alloys such as zinc, tin, copper and brass. Many of the other metals also react with ammonia to varying degrees. It would be more appropriate to make any installations related to ammonia gas in enterprises with mostly stainless metals.

How is ammonia gas supplied?

Anhydrous ammonia which is transported as liquid can deliver to facilities with 50 LT, 67 LT, 105 LT, 127 LT, 800 LT, 500 LT, 1500 LT in transportable cylinders and tanks; and with our storage tanks with volumes up to 2000 LT, 3000 LT, 5000 LT, 10000 LT, 15000 LT and 50000 LT. While anhydrous ammonia is delivered as bulk, shipments are made by paying attention to all safety rules against dangers with our ADR vehicles. According to the packaging demands of the companies, we can supply all over Turkey and other countries.

Physical and chemical properties are;

Colour Colourless in atmospheric degrees
Odorous Strong odour
PH( %1'lik solution) 11.7
Freezing Point - 77 .7 C
Melting Point -33.4 C 101.3 kPa
Flammability %16-27 ( as volume and in 0 C )
Vapor Pressure 1013 kpa in 25 C
Rolative Vapor Density 0.6 ( air=1)
Solubility in Water Solvable in big amounts (529 g/l 20 C'de)
Solubility in Organic Solvents Alcohol, asetone, cloroform
Liquid density 0.6386 g/cm3 (0C and 101.3 kPa)
Gas Density 0.7714 g/l ( 0C and 101.3 kPa )

How to use, What should be considered in use?

Product Specifications

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