Mix Gases

Mixing gases are prepared by mixing pure gases. Seral Gaz supplies the mixed gases by continuously preparing them in pre-mixed steel cylinders or at the user's site.

Pre-mixed mixed gases are prepared in filling facilities by teams of expert and experienced chemists and engineers and their analytical certification is carried out. Mixing gases prepared on-site are prepared with high precision special gas mixer equipment and continuously supplied to the user.

Seral Gaz Sales and Technical Support teams will assist you in determining the high quality mixed gases your application needs.

Seral Gaz sells a wide range of the following mixed gases:
MIG / MAG welding shielding gas mixtures.
TIG welding shielding gas mixtures.
Laser Resonator gases.
Plasma source shielding gases.
Plasma cutting gases.
Heat treatment gases.
Protective gas mixtures for food packaging.
Calibration gas mixtures.
Special analysis gases.