Manufacture of Cylinder Bundles (π (Pi) Branded Manifold)

Cylinder bundle (Manifold with Pi), which is in use due to the advantages such as easier connection, less space occupancy and more work safety, which is prepared for the customers of the gas industry who use a lot of gas. These cylinder bundles have started to be produced by our company since 2014. Due to the care we have taken to be one of the leading companies in the gas industry, we send all the cylinder bundles we use in our company to our customers as Pi stamp. We are rapidly continuing the production of cylinder bundles, which we started to produce after being authorized by TÜV-SÜD on 01.12.2013.During the production of the cylinder bundle, the processes and controls performed by our company are carefully carried out and each cylinder bundle (Manifold with Pi) is sent to the customers after the gas conformity test and filling according to the type of gas it is produced.

The production of the Manifold with Pi was insecure cases in before, which we call Manifold or MTP, which was previously in use in the market, did not have any tests, did not have any security, and did not know by whom it was manufactured.

However, within the framework of the newly issued regulations, these manifold cases are no longer in force. In fact, companies that use test-free boxes without this type of Pi marking are fined in large amounts by the Ministry of Industry. For this reason, we provide services to our customers who still have such safes in use. Manifold Manufacturing with a Pi takes two days on average and the Manufacturing file containing all certificates and tests is prepared and delivered to our customers.

Purpose of Cylinder Bundles (Pi Stamp MTPs)

The purpose of cylinder bundle is providing it to our industrial customers who use multiple cylinders in one day. It is connected like a single cylinder and 12 cylinders can be used at the same time. Cylinders are connected on the same line and use is provided by giving one or two outputs. A single unit containing a certain number of (12) cylinders is known as a cylinder bundle.A frame designed to be lifted in an orderly manner, and a mobile assembly to a manifold by means of cylinder valves or fittings.

Thanks to the cylinder valves and fittings, the filling, transportation and unloading of the cylinders can be done without disassembly. A cylinder bundle should not be subjected to careless handling during normal operation and should always be used upright. Its use should be at ground level and should not be placed in high places.

These cylinder bundles are produced within the framework of the TS EN ISO 10961:2010 standard and offered to our customers after the necessary tests and maintenance.

Cylinder Bundles Tests

All components of the cylinder bundle are securely placed inside the Pi branded manifold and protected from damage that could lead to leakage. It is a product that has been tested by throwing cylinder bundles to the ground at a height of 1 meter and its durability has been proven by the Ministry of Industry. These cylinder bundles manufactured are also strong enough to take the expected vibration, impact loads or carrying loads during normal operation. The connection type of the cylinders is such that any vertical or horizontal movement or rotational movement of each cylinder is minimized.

The finished bundle is tested for leakage at filling pressure using appropriate methods and user-defined acceptance criteria. This process is under the responsibility of the bundle manufacturer or as a part of the "inspection at the time of filling" after assembly, during the first filling, it is filled in our own filling factory and delivered to the user after the final control.

Records of the components used in the manufacture of a bundle and the history of how and where the bundle was assembled and tested are kept in our own facilities for each new bundle, and the file regarding this Pi branded Cylinder bundle is delivered to our customers.