Informations About Diving Cylinder Maintinance and Filling

Diving cylinders are used in 3 types in Turkey. Two of these types are metal (aluminum and steel) and the other cylinder type is high pressure resistant cylinders made by combining the fiber we describe as composite. Metal cylinders can be tested and maintained in Turkey, while fiber cylinders cannot be processed yet (Test and Maintenance). Metal cylinders are have various volumes, 15 L. , steel cylinder, 12 L. like an aluminum cylinder. Generally, the volumes are 10, 12, 15, 18 L. Sometimes there are smaller cylinders such as 4-5 -7 liters.

Cylinders are tested in every 3 years according to the pressure vessels standards TS EN 1968 - TS EN 1802 and ADR applied in Turkey and Europe, and tested at a pressure 1.5 times than the usage pressure every 5 years. Complete maintenance of the inner and outer parts of these cylinder is done in that test. Corrosion values are checked and highly corroded cylinders are scrapped according to weight reduction. If the corrosion value is below the value given in the standard, the cylinder passes the test. Cylinder tests are done with hydrostatic pressurization. The cylinders are passed if they remain their shape after pressure affect ( elastic deformation) , they can be passed from test.

This method, which is used for safety reasons, is called Hydrostatic test procedure. The cylinders that pass these processes successfully are stamped in the year-month of the test and the company that carried out the test and the institution that authorized the test (Türk Loydu and TÜV Austria).

After these processes, the inside of the cylinders are dried by giving nitrogen gas. After this process, the valve is attached by checking whether the inside of the cylinder dries or not. As the last process, a certain amount of gas to be filled into the cylinder is added to test whether there is a leak in the valve and the gas is discharged and the inside of the cylinder is cleaned with gas.

Air compressors to be used during the filling of diver cylinders have a very important place. These compressors should be continuously maintained and capable of pumping special medical quality air into the cylinder that does not give oil and water. After the cylinders are filled, it is necessary to measure the gas value in the gas by analyzing the gas filled into the cylinder. Failures might occurr during the dive.

The filters of the compressors to be filled should be checked and changed at certain time intervals. As it is known, filtering is very important as dry air is normal atmospheric gas. We fill with the Bauer brand compressors that we use as Seralgaz by performing all necessary maintenance.

Cylinders should be well protected after testing and filling. Cylinders, especially steel cylinders, are cylinders that are very susceptible to corrosion. For this reason, paint protection should be checked and done in certain periods. While painting, it is necessary to remove the old paint and make a new paint.

It is especially important that the neck of the cylinder where the markings are made to be legible in terms of tracking test times. After use, the surfaces of the cylinders that have been contact with salt water must be washed with tap water and dried. The removal of seawater from the surface is very important for the life of the cylinder. Salt quickly spoils the material of both aluminum and steel cylinders.

As Seralgaz, we provide services to individual and corporate companies diving in all kinds of gas filling and cylinder maintenance. The gases requested by deep diving people who want special gas mixtures are analyzed and filled.