CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) (90-92% CH4)

Compressed Natural Gas or CNG Processed natural gas is natural gas condensed at -163 degrees at atmospheric pressure by purifying the impurities in it.

LNG, which is stored in cryogenic containers due to its coldness, is dangerous and flammable. When one volume of LNG is evaporated, 600 volumes (occupies 600 times the volume) of natural gas (CNG) are obtained. LNG is a colorless, odorless and non-toxic liquid.

It is flammable. When it is converted into gas, odorization is done. Ethane, propane and other hydrocarbon-based heavy gases are found in natural gas, the majority of which is methane (CH4) (90-92%). LNG is cleaner than natural gas as pollutants are removed while liquefiing it.

Properties of Gas

Usage areas

With the CNG storage and sales authorization certificate owned by our company, CNG can be supplied to the facilities that use natural gas and to companies that request temporary use, along with single cylinders and MTPs.