It is a colorless, odorless, tasteless and non-toxic gas that can be easily liquefied. It has an important place in the life cycle; Humans and animals give off CO2, plants breathe this CO2, give off oxygen. It sublimes at the boiling point, that is, it goes directly from the solid state to the gas phase. The solid state of carbon dioxide is called dry ice.

Properties of Carbon Dioxide

How it is made?

There are 4 different production methods of carbon dioxide production. These are:

Uses of Carbon Dioxide

Supply Forms and Cylinders

Carbon dioxide gas can be filled as a liquid into steel drawn cylinders. For this reason, it can be filled from 5 Lt cylinders to 600 Lt cylinder bundles, and can be shipped with fixed tanks if requested in higher volume containers.

How to Use, What Should Be Considered During Use?

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