It is a gas with a chemical content of C2H2 and a member of the Alkaline group. Acetylene gas is colorless.

Properties of Acetylene Gas

Usage Areas of Acetylene Gas

It is used in the chemical, electrical and electronic industries. As acetylene usage areas, the industrial sector is the sector where gas is used the most.

Supply Forms and Cylinders

Acetylene gas is supplied in 6 KG and 9 KG cylinders.

How to Use, What Should Be Considered During Use?

It is flammable and explosive, so precautions should be taken when handling acetylene cylinders. Valves should be checked for leaks before and during use.

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How is it produced?

It is obtained by heating methane gas at 2000 degrees Celsius and decomposing it. One of the methods of obtaining acetylene gas is the reaction of coke or calcium carbide with water. In both methods; The formula CaC2 + 2H2O is obtained and acetylene gas is obtained.