Green Energy and Sustainable Production with Seralgaz

As Seralgaz, we use green energy in production with sustainable energy studies in order to protect nature and future generations. We prefer renewable energy sources, taking into account the environmental impact of wastes in all of our activities and in our production process.

We contribute to this process in which global companies are involved with the understanding of green industry, and we minimize our carbon footprint thanks to our sustainability strategy. We proudly hold the title of Turkey's first green energy facility, which we won in 2018 with the solar panels we have built for our production facilities.

About us

Our company, which started its activities in Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone in 1996,

Our company, which started the sales of pure and high quality AMMONIA GAS used by our industrialists in 1998, offers pure ammonia, which has been missing in the sector until that day, with its technical and quality service, and has offered it to our customers with its facilities with a daily stock capacity of 50 tons and its vehicle fleet.

In addition, our company, which started the production of 25% concentrated aqueous ammonia, also meets the aqueous ammonia needs of the leading companies in our country with its facilities with a monthly capacity of 500 tons.

We hold the title of being Turkey's first green energy facility with the solar panels that our company had built in 2018.

Our company has kept its investments in vehicles and cylinders uninterruptedly by following the market development closely, without being tied to our region, and has reached the capacity to serve all over our country with its vehicle fleet consisting of cylinders and liquid gas tankers.

Our company, which aims to meet all kinds of gas needs of our industrialists with its honest, principled and quality service since its establishment, has completed all kinds of technical and transportation infrastructure investments in both gases, but from now on to increase the quality of the service we provide to our valued customers in Turkey and the world.